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Effect of Sisal Fibre Loading on Wear and Friction Properties of Jute Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composite

Manoj Kumar Gupta, R K Srivastava


This paper presents an experimental study on wear and frictional properties of developed hybrid sisal/jute fibre reinforced epoxy composite. Composite are fabricated by hand lay-up technique keeping constant 30 wt. % of fibre content. Wear and frictional properties of hybrid composite is carried out at different operating parameters such as applied load (10-30 N), sliding speed (1-3m/s) and constant sliding distance 1000 m. Alkali treatment of fibres is used to increase the percentage reduction of wear rate and friction coefficient.  The experimental results show that increase in specific wear rate and coefficient of friction is found on increasing the applied load and sliding speed. 


Hybrid; Sliding wear; Sliding friction; Alkali treatment<br _mce_bogus="1">

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