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Optimization of Time and Saving Water, Energy through Using Regulator with Hydrogen Peroxide in Exhaust Bleaching Process

Md. Kamruzzaman Md. Kamruzzaman, Md. Eman Talukder, Muhammad Usman, Mazharul Islam, Mst Zakia Sultana


On this investigation so as to optimize time, water and energy of exhaust bleaching procedure one test turned into accomplished by using modern bleaching regulator Imerol® Blue liquid (mixture of carboxylic acid salts and ethoxylated fatty alcohols) with caustic soda, H2O2 (50%), Bactosol AP (peroxide killer), Acetic acid whilst others become conducted the use of classical wetting agent Imerol (PCLF), sequestering agent (EDTA), stabilizer (NaSi03), caustic soda, H2O2 (35%). In this take a look at demonstrated that (a) Applied the bleaching regulator at 110°C decreased the bleaching time 15 min that accelerated productiveness in comparison to classical bleaching agent. (b) While Bleaching achieved with Imerol® Blue liquid absorbency of cotton knit material changed into stepped forward rather than classical bleaching process. (c) Modern bleaching method decreased weight loss percentage of cotton knit material as compared with classical method. (d) Whilst bleaching regulator Imerol® Blue liquid implemented on cotton knit cloth no rinsing became wished that’s leads the minimization of bleaching time and water with in comparison to classical bleaching. For the outcome effluent volumes decreased that gives benefit on the surroundings and ecology. (e) Bleach regulator Imerol® Blue liquid allows to consume caustic soda at neutral pH in knit cloth as evaluation with classical bleaching. For the result neutralization with acid turned into prevented in modern bleaching technique. (f) For the bleach regulator, wetting, sequestering trait of imerol® Blue liquid no longer simplest leads the minimization of energy, alkaline quantity, degradation of cellulose in method but also advanced degree of whiteness, uniformity and improved dye-potential.


Optimization time, water, energy; Cotton S/J knit fabric; Imerol® Blue liquid

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